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Daniel W. Hanson, M.D. - Owner Staff

We see patients by appointment. A full eye exam is now very convenient and can take less than an hour thanks to the new Optomap technology. If you cannot keep an appointment, we greatly appreciate at least 24 hours notice. It will also help us reschedule a time that better serves your needs.

New Patient Registration
We welcome our new patients by providing them with a New Patient Welcome Packet, which includes information about Boys Smith Vision Center, as well as all registration forms required for making your appointment. Please call us today and we will be happy to assist you with any questions.

As you fill out your information, it is important that you be as accurate and as complete as possible. Some patients find it helpful to bring in a list of their medications with them to help in filling out the medical information sheet. For your convenience, you can also download, fill out on your computer, and print our registration & billing forms before coming in for you appointment.

We ask that all insurance co-pays, any deductibles and non-covered services be paid at the time of service. We participate with many insurance companies. It is important that we have complete information, including the name and address of your insurance company and complete name & date of birth of the subscriber. Please bring in your insurance card so it can be scanned to your file. If we do not participate with your insurance company, we can produce a courtesy bill.

Charges and Billing
If we participate with your insurance company and there are specific services covered by your insurance, an itemized statement covering your services will be mailed to you after we have been reimbursed from your insurance. Any remaining balance is your responsibility. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about your statements. If there is no insurance to bill, we offer a 15% cash/personal check discount if paid at the time of service or a 10% discount if paid by credit card at the time of service.

Your medical record is strictly private. We will not give out information regarding your condition to your employer, friends, or relatives, without your permission. To have your records transferred to another doctor, we will ask you to sign a release of information form. Please call us for more information. Our staff will be able to answer any questions you may have.

New Patient Registration Forms:
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